A Sorority of Invisibles

We live in a space in which significance in placed on what is seen. The more seen something is, the more significant it is. The more seen someone is, the more significant they are.

And we believe it, even when our minds scream against it.

We convince ourselves that we need to do more, be more. That we are less because they are more.

The ministry of the seen has many heralds, but the ministry of unseen? It is a seemingly silent sorority of invisibles.

But this an invisibility that is ensconced in a potent power.

It is an invisibility that nevertheless lends a physicality to imaging a God who specializes in the ministry of the unseen…

Who is always at work behind the scenes even though we aren’t aware of what He is doing. Quietly, He lays foundations. Silently, He moves pieces into place. And then His behind-the-scenes work culminates in a blaze of glory that leaves us speechless. And even then…

we still don’t see Him. What we see is evidence of Him. It’s beautiful, and it’s amazing, and it has His fingerprints all over it, but even then He’s engaged in the ministry of the unseen.

For now.

But not for always.

A day is coming when all creation will see the radiance of His glory.

And when it does, that radiance is going to bring to light the tracks of those who tread so softly that they often went unnoticed. And we will see that those tracks laid the foundations of grand things. That those tracks moved pieces into places that we didn’t even know existed.

All there because…

You are significant.

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