Hi! I’m Amber, and I’m tethering myself to the rest which Jesus promised his followers.

It’s part of what it takes to survive in the 21st century Western world without burning out. Especially when you have mounting work responsibilities, community commitments, and church challenges.

And kids.

Don’t forget the kids…because they make everything busier and better all at the same time. My home enjoys a few extra playful quirks because my fun-loving husband and I both work at home while our kids do school at home. And we have four of them. All girls.

Last year’s winter drizzle turned into a foot of snow. There is only one thing to do with that much snow: enjoy it! And make an igloo.

Our lives play out in the Pacific Northwest and provide me with plenty to laugh and write about. Fortunately, I can justify at least part of the time I spend typing words onto a computer screen, because reading and writing help anchor me in that oft-elusive rest. I hope my articles and blogs help anchor you in this rest as well.

In this season of life, I mainly read books that help me better understand what the Bible meant to its original readers. This gets mixed in with my background in curriculum and instruction (M.A., Colorado Christian University) and youth ministry (B.A. Colorado Christian University), and all of the other things I’ve studied and practiced (which includes a two-year stint as a math major and Calculus tutor at Texas A&M University). Then, I get really energized and apply these discoveries to co-directing Artios Christian College, teaching classes, directing worship, instructing my kids (and their friends!), and loving my family.

Behind every adequate worship leader is a drummer who keeps her on beat! He didn’t make it in the picture, but fortunately, I married a good one.

In the wee hours of the morning and on select weekends, I’m also working on my first book, Redeeming Rest: Finding Meaning in the Midst of Chaos.

How are you finding and embracing rest in Jesus? (please leave me a comment below!)