Agree on the Direction

If we want to walk with Jesus, we have to know what direction He is going.

Jesus has been walking in the same direction since He gave life to everything on this earth. He has millennia worth of momentum in that direction.

His walk is the work of joining heaven and earth together until all of earth functions as God’s temple – a place where His presence fills the air like a cloud.

A place where our actions testify to loving God and loving one another. A place where everyone is free from the curse that came with wanting to be our own source of wisdom and follow our own desires.

We’ll be free from its effects only because we’ll be free from that desire.

Because our only desire will be to walk with Him. That desire starts now and ends never. Do we want what He wants? Then we need His Breath – His Spirit – animating us. Have you asked for it?

Has your imagination been captured and enthralled with what this looks like? It’s laced through every story of the Bible. Once you find the thread, its simplicity becomes more and more exquisite.

How do you see Him joining heaven to earth in the spaces around you? In your home, in your work, in your church, in your community? You know what to do.


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