Where Horses Listen to Harmonies

Earlier this year, I went on a walk. And on this walk, I decided to venture onto the gravel lane that branches off the bend in the road on which we live.

Now, my friends, you must know that this is no ordinary gravel lane. Most (if not all) of the homes – and home-based businesses – on this lane are owned by the same family. It is not the most welcoming lane in the world, and the last time I had ventured forth into this territory I was spoken to in a suspicion-laced tone which insinuated I had selected the wrong street to stroll. (Now, to their credit, these particular neighbors make excellent, albeit overly-diligent, neighborhood watch coordinators, even if they don’t recognize when a neighbor is, in fact, a friendly neighbor. This morning’s neighborhood watch alert, for example, inspired a Wonky-Donkey parody: the description of the suspicious car made it a clunky, funky, skunky, chunky, plunky junkie.)

So as I meandered past the sign heralding the headquarters of their heavily-armed citizen militia group and smiled at the hidden and not-so-hidden security cameras, I was aware that I was entering territory in which I could expect the unexpected.

I was not disappointed.

As I walked past the hospice home, I heard soft, soothing music playing. It softened my heart, and I smiled a sad smile for the people inside.

But as I continued walking, I noticed that the music wasn’t coming from the hospice at all, but rather…the horse field?!

Yes, the music was clearly coming from the horse field. The hidden cameras surely caught my very amused face looking for the hidden speakers intended to charm horses into a good humor. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband about this one.

But as I left their lane, I noticed there was farm equipment humming as it harvested hazelnuts. Content with this explanation, I felt very silly about my search for hidden speakers. After all, I had often marveled at the melodic hum of machinery.

However, by this time, the constant repetition of this particular melodic hum was starting to eat at my nerves. Seeing that it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, I headed home.

Let it also be known that there have been a few occasions in which we’ve had some fun with echoes on our property. Well, the echoes were out in full force that day, so I still couldn’t escape the sound! By the time I got to our driveway, I couldn’t wait to get inside my house and shut the door.

And then I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket to see what time it was….
only to be more loudly serenaded with the hypnotic melody of “Slow Rise”, one of Apple’s fine selections of soothing alarm loops.


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