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    All We Need

    Christ never intended for the weight of the responsibilities of ministry to rest on one or even on a handful of members known as leaders. Rather, it is to be spread…

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    Why You May Not Be Getting Enough Rest

    Work and rest. It’s a rhythm that God established at the beginning of human history. More specifically, six iterations of rest-work followed by a rest-rest. This is the cadence of life…

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    What Our Stress Tells Us About Our Work

    When we see our primary work as that of being a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, we are often going to get bogged down by the “quality” of our jobs. However,…

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    How to Clarify Your Calling

    No one can come into contact with God’s story and not respond to it. Some people respond with indifference, others with outright rebellion. Still others respond with intrigue. To follow Christ,…