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Start With Rest

Why Following Jesus Will Slow Your Speed From Rushed to Relaxed

One way book publishers decide if a book is marketable enough to publish is through how many people subscribe to the author’s email list. Since there are a lot of books I’d like to write, I decided to thank people who subscribe to my email list with a free e-book. Plus, it was good practice for writing longer books.

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Something has to change.”

This thought hounded me during my daily rush through work tasks, volunteer commitments, family responsibilities, and homeschooling four children.

Following the cues of American culture, I followed Jesus by hurrying alongside him.

But then I realized – Jesus didn’t rush. Rather, he lived within a story that taught him to anchor his life in rest. Jesus’ life reenacted this story and invites us to rest alongside him, both spiritually and physically.

In Start With Rest you will discover:

  • The story of rest that runs from the first chapters of the Bible to the last
  • How the work you are already doing overlaps with Jesus’ plan for the world and the role rest plays in your effectiveness in this work
  • What humans have in common with mirrors
  • How to identify and incorporate restorative practices that heal and energize you


Works in Progress

  • Redeeming Rest
  • God and the Garden of Delight (children’s picture book)
  • The OneStory Children’s Bible