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A Hard Time to Love

It’s a hard time to be patient. With social distancing. With our families. With our Amazon orders. It’s a hard time to not be easily angered. By our government. By friends on social media. By our kitchens that just…


The Problem With Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories speckle my newsfeeds. After all, the powerful alliances that call the shots in this world have not been short on giving us reasons to distrust them. But God’s words to Isaiah stop me in my clicks and…


The Effect of Patience

We aren’t a patient people. We are an order-anything-from-Amazon-and-have-it-delivered-on-our-doorstep-in-two-days people. A fly-across-the-country-in-hours people. A send-someone-a-message-instantly-and-wait-moments-for-their-reply-before-wondering-if-something-is-wrong people. We get frustrated when the people who are supposed to fix it don’t fix it immediately. Especially when we are used to representatives…


A Worship Director’s Quarantine Ballad

I’m leading worship from my home. My pastor is preaching from his home. We stream our feebleness in solidarity with a church community that is, yes, at home. It isn’t polished, and honestly, I don’t want it to be.…


Countering Coronavirus Like Children

I could faintly hear my 10 year old talking about Jesus as I walked down the hallway to my bed tonight. And then a chorus of voices stopped me in my tracks. “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed…