Patiently Renewed

You don’t have to do everything at once.

In fact, you can’t.

Neither the grand dreams, nor the quotidian tasks of laundry and dishes and the endless taming of clutter.

No- Everything on that subconscious – or not – to-do list that sounds the alarm of the tyranny of the urgent – it’s a revelation of brokenness.

This frantic voice that urges you to get it all done and do it all at once is rooted in a world where absolutely everything has been broken so badly that it begs to be fixed.

The order that was once brought out of chaos is caught in a cycle of atrophy – predisposed to spiral back out into dystopian bramble that in turn cries out to be tamed.

The cry is real, but the frantic voice is a diversion from the Voice of Peace that does indeed invite you to be a healer of creation.

But only the part right in front of you at this very moment.

You are indeed a sub-creator of an as yet invisible New Creation that will someday burst before your eyes in a timeless flash of beauty.

But for everything there is a time. And those times will come.

Now is the time to breathe in Christ and breathe His life into the world directly at your fingertips…

all the while realizing that in the midst of bringing restoration to these bits of brokenness, the part of creation being most patiently renewed is none other than yourself.



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